Mar 17, 2011


Lot of peoples have expressed concern over radiation levels in the wake of the deadly earthquake and consequent tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. This report is intended to provide a basic background on radiation risk, so that constituents can make more informed decisions regarding the well-being of their employees still within Japan and the region. The final page of the report includes a reference chart for radiation levels derived from Environmental Protection Agency and Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines.

Current Radiation Levels
The Japanese government is releasing hourly radiation observations from each prefecture in Japan (where available). The official site for this information is in Japanese. Online translation services can be used to view directly in English

Constituents should note that the numbers being presented are on a per hour basis, and in micro-Sieverts. To convert to milli-Sieverts, divide by 1000.

Radiation Concerns
There are two main concerns that come from a potential exposure to radiation. The first is the short term effects of exposure to very high levels of radiation. The second is the long-term effects of exposure.

Acute Radiation Sickness usually develops from immediate exposure to high amounts of radiation and could cause a variety of health effects, ranging from nausea to death. Radiation levels consistent with Acute Radiation Sickness are usually observed at or near ground zero of a major radiation release. The effects of radiation in the short term can be found in the chart below.

Long-term, repeated exposure to radioactive materials may eventually lead to some disease, approximately 5-20 years after exposure. According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Radiation Reference Chart

Japan radiation fact sheet update by the US Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) on Mar 17

Pakcik rasa pakcik perlu kongsi maklumat penting ini demi keselamatan manusia sejagat. Ia mungkin juga berguna sebagai rujukan anak cucu pakcik bila Malaysia membina loji nuclear mereka sendiri.


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